Horizen is now partnering with MEXC Pioneer to boost the development of Web3 and DeFi projects in its ecosystem, which opens doors for financial institutions to pour billions of dollars into DeFi protocols with scalable data privacy.

MEXC Pioneer is a platform developed by the leading global cryptocurrency exchange, MEXC Global. The platform recently launched a $100million growth fund to support blockchain technology and infrastructure projects with a special focus on Defi, NFTs, gaming, and cross-chain interoperability. Horizen is among the blockchain ecosystems that MEXC Pioneer program has selected to work with for their initiative.

These particular focus areas are all sectors of the crypto-ecosystem that Horizen has been perfectly designed to revolutionize.

With Zendoo, developers can custom build their own highly scalable and secure private or public blockchains on the largest node network with complete design freedom. Blockchains built on Horizen enable massive throughput without compromising decentralization. With Zendoo, Horizen can support as many as 10,000 independent blockchains running simultaneously while handling up to 10 million transactions per second across the network (an average TPS of 1,000 per chain).

The MEXC Global team has launched a wide array of projects and strategic partners to their seven million users. They have partnered and invested in many fascinating projects, including Horizen, that are now taking the wider crypto and fintech world by storm. The team at MEXC Pioneer are great supporters of Horizen’s use of zk-SNARKs to enable privacy-preserving validation of transactions across its network. For this reason, they chose to support the growth of the Horizen ecosystem by developing an eco-fund, hackathons, and eco-funding dApps and upcoming projects on Horizen’s ecosystem.

This opens the doors for financial institutions to pour billions of dollars into open, permissionless DeFi protocols and generate yield while still retaining the privacy of their sensitive transaction data. 

“We are thrilled to work alongside the Horizen team. The way the Horizen team has built its Zendoo network means that the focus is on scalable data privacy. On top of that, it allows businesses and developers to custom build their own public or private blockchains using Zendoo. Horizen is the perfect example of why we launched MEXC Pioneer, and we are excited to bring our technical and marketing expertise to bear to help make Horizen the success it deserves to be.” – Katherine Deng, VP of MEXC Global and the founder of MEXC Pioneer.

MEXC Pioneer has helped to support several blockchain projects that have gone on to achieve major success in the industry, including Solana, Polygon, Avalanche, and Algorand. The Horizen team will aim to continue MEXC’s win streak of successful projects while further expanding the capacity of Web3 technologies to reach new retail and institutional audiences.

“We are excited to be recognized by MEXC Pioneer as the next emerging blockchain ecosystem. We believe our focus on cutting-edge privacy technologies, coupled with our ability to achieve a highly flexible and scalable blockchain SDK while maintaining decentralization puts us in a separate league from other projects that have come before us. The support from our highly experienced partners at MEXC Pioneer will accelerate our path towards revolutionizing Defi, NFTs and other emerging sectors of the crypto ecosystem through our ZK-enabled cross-chain protocol, Zendoo.”– Rob Viglione, Co-founder & Team Lead.

This partnership perfectly coincides with Horizen’s mainnet launch of Zendoo. As of this month, the Horizen ecosystem is now open for developers to launch highly flexible and scalable blockchains and decentralized applications with privacy-preserving functionality through its signature implementation of zk-SNARKs.

About Horizen

Horizen is the zero-knowledge-enabled network of blockchains powered by the largest node system.  Launched in 2017, Horizen offers the best-in-class tools for developers to custom-build private or public blockchains with a level of flexibility unmatched by others.

By building on Horizen, developers have the freedom to fully customize their blockchains, including consensus type, speed, privacy, and crypto-economies. Blockchains built on Horizen can produce massive throughput without compromising decentralization.

About MEXC Global

Established in April 2018, MEXC Global is a digital asset trading platform with over 7 million users, which offers users one-stop services including spot, margin, leveraged ETFs, derivatives trading, and staking services. The core members of the team come from international enterprises and financial companies and have experience in blockchain and financial industries.