Horizen (Zen) Being Ranked Top 2 Cryptos in 2022 |May Experience 10x+ Growth in Short-Term

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As a leader in blockchain ecosystem focuses on security and privacy freedom, Horizen is getting a very optimistic outlook for 2022. Below article was originally published by understandingcrypto.info and ranked Horizen as one of the top 2 cryptos of 2022.

Why the top 2 cryptos of 2022?  Most lists are top 3, top 10 or even top 100.  But we aren’t turning to year 3033, we are turning to 2022.  Fittingly so, there are only two cryptos you need on your radar if you want to stay aligned with what we are doing at UnderstandingCrypto.info.

Before we get into the list, if two items can even be considered a list, there are a few disclaimers to get out of the way.  To start, we are not financial advisors, and this is not financial advice.  In fact, both cryptos we will be talking about are longshot projects, but more about that shortly.  However, that also means there are safer projects to invest in, and there are probably projects you would find more value in and should show support to.  Also, we are currently holding investments in both projects and will be continuing to add to both stacks into the new year for as long as there are buying opportunities.  This article is meant for informative and entertainment purposes, so our aim is to inform you of our opinion and to entertain you with the accuracy we hope this article will bring when we look back a year from now.

I mentioned above that these are both longshots.  By that, I mean at the time of this writing neither of the cryptocurrencies are in the top 100 by marketcap.  We are looking for coins that can 10x and not even hit the top 10.  Then hit another 10x (roughly) from there without needing to hit the top 3.  While we do not believe either of these coins will hit 100x in the next year, we just wanted something that would be mathematically possible if things all went the right way.  It’s one thing to smoke that hopium, but always keep your lunar landings realistic.  We don’t believe anything will overtake Bitcoin ($BTC) in the #1 spot in 2022.  We also think Ethereum ($ETH) will hold onto the #2 spot.  If you are unfamiliar with the math behind this concept, check out our article on Tokenomics: Marketcap Explained for everything you’ll need to know.


Additionally, there are a ton of coins we like that will see growth linear to $BTC, or perhaps even a little more aggressively.  I’ll touch on those in another article, but for this, I wanted to share something that really excites us.  Lastly, both these coins check of all the boxes from our Crypto Checklist article.  We do not like one project more than the other.  Both equally hold our top focus going into 2022.

With all that out of the way, here are our Top 2 Cryptos of 2022.

Ravencoin ($RVN)


How much do we love Ravencoin?  We wrote an article on it 3 months ago.  Followers of our site are likely familiar with our thoughts on the project.  As such, I wont rehash anything said in there as it goes into the details of the project heavily and is a great read.  If you want to know more about the project, I strongly suggest you check it out.

However, for a quick recap and update, this GPU friendly coin will be conducting its first halving in about 30 days.  While the price may spike going into the halving, we expect a selloff right after.  The real benefit of the halving won’t start settling in until 6-9 months after.  This timeline will match nicely with the ETH 2.0 update.

There are arguments on both sides of the fence.  Will Ethereum moving to Proof of Stake help $RVN because all the $ETH miners will switch over?  Or will all the miners and half the rewards (from January’s halving) make the coin not worthwhile to mine?  Our expectation is argument 1 will happen.  Of all the GPU friendly cryptos, Ravencoin is one of (if not the most) popular.  The $ETH difficulty bomb which is setting up the Proof of Stake was pushed back again until June 2022… right around the time we expected the halving to start positively affecting the price back in our September article.

The last big point is exchange adoption.  Ravencoin is in the prelaunch stage you see with other coins that 10x.  It is on many smaller exchanges, prominently so on Binance and Bittrex.  It has also successfully submitted the approval paperwork to Coinbase.  With the expansion of NFTs, of which Ravencoin is a perfect coin for and Coinbase’s support of strong crypto projects and NFT’s, we consider an eventual listing imminent.  Sometime in there, expect the likes of Gemini, Kraken and more to also list the coin.

Let’s compare $RVN to our Crypto Checklist:

  • Tokenomics – 5/5 – Check it Out for yourself
  • Project’s Technology/Purpose – 5/5 – Whether you are looking at a Bitcoin secure coin literally developed for NFT’s 4 years before this NFT craze, or the fact it is the mining coin of the people, it’s technology and purpose are both top-notch.
  • Social Awareness/ Adoption – 5/5 – While it may not be in the mainstream news, Ravencoin is all over social media. Crypto mining is not going anywhere, and the fact your average gamer can mine a meaningful amount still in their home as opposed to being pushed out by eco-destroying mining farms is a big win for the coin.

Total: 15/15 – which is why it is one of our Top 2 Cryptos of 2022.  We are expecting, at minimum, 10x+ growth from its current price in 2022.  Anything else would be a failure.

Horizen ($ZEN)


While Horizen is a coin that has been around awhile, it is a new coin we have covered here.  However, that doesn’t mean we are sleeping on it, and neither should you.  If you haven’t learned about the project yet, then you need to.

Horizen is an entire blockchain ecosystem focused on security and has one of (if not the) most decentralized, multi-tiered infrastructure in the industry.  So what does that mean for you?

For many, the core purpose of cryptocurrencies is to remove the control from centralized finance banks and put the power of your own finances back in the hands of the people.  To do that, there needs to be a decentralized platform that is secure and accessible.  The truth is, there are many great crypto projects that do this, and among the top of the class is Horizen.

Horizen’s sidechain platform focuses on scalable data privacy and enables businesses and developers to custom build their own public and private blockchains. This is possible by leveraging Horizen’s unique sidechain Zendoo, which just successfully launch on mainnet a couple of weeks.

Want the privacy of a completely obscured transaction?  Horizen can accommodate.  Want the transparency of a completely visible exchange?  Horizen can accommodate.  A fan of Proof of Work?  $ZEN is.  Want Proof of Stake?  The sidechain supports it.

How accepted is $ZEN?  It is currently on over 30 exchanges, including Coinbase and supported on cold storage platforms such as Ledger.   There are too many great things to list about Horizen here, but we will be doing a deep dive soon.  In the meantime, literally google it and read ANY article.

Let’s compare $ZEN to our Crypto Checklist:

  • Tokenomics – 5/5 – Currently at 131 in total marketcap, 10x would put the coin at only 25th. To put it in perspective… Shiba Inu ($SHIB) has seen over a 60% drop from it’s October high and is still 13th in current total marketcap.  $ZEN could 10x again from there and still only be #5.  Like I said earlier, I don’t expect a 100x gain, but it is mathematically possible.
  • Project’s Technology/Purpose – 5/5 – While there are many Defi platforms, there is a gap in defi platforms built on a privacy chain. This is a needed project and is one more and more businesses and developers will be taking advantage of now that Zendoo is live.
  • Social Awareness/ Adoption – 5/5 – Whether it is the 30+ exchanges that support $ZEN, or the fact it among the most decentralized platforms in crypto, the fact Horizen is already widely adopted in the tech world can’t be ignored.

Total: 15/15 – which is why it is one of our Top 2 Cryptos of 2022.  We are expecting, at minimum, 10x+ growth from its current price in 2022.  Anything else would be a failure.


There you have it, our Top 2 Cryptos of 2022.  Both have the widespread adoption in specific fields (miners and privacy-focused defi development) and both have major catalysts coming.  Yet both still haven’t had their prices moonshot yet.

This article is not financial advice.  Never invest more than you can afford to lose, especially in a volatile market such as crypto.  And always consult with your actual financial advisor before making any critical decisions.  This article is our opinion only.

Good luck!  And we will look back on this article as 2022 goes through its seasons!

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